A weekly portrait, the 52 project

13/52 sophia 52 Back in February I decided to start taking a weekly photo of my butterfly girl, because I was so inspired by the 52 project that I found on the blog, Che' and Fidel.

I wanted to have a weekly picture of my favorite girl like they had done so beautifully on Che' and Fidel. I love the idea of making sure to take at least one picture of her a week and documenting it, because time flies by and before you know it months have passed. Although, I think I take a lot of pictures of her I love the thought of making sure that I do and having all the pictures together in one place.

I have been posting the photos on instagram and on flickr, but not on my Blog.

I have decided that I will start posting them here on my blog too.

To catch up on the pictures, I will spread out the pictures over a few posts.

Here is a month's worth of photos.