Watercoloring 101

paint1 copy Happy Monday friends. Here on Mondays I am starting a series of simple tutorials, informationals, or studies in watercolors. I thought I would start out simple in case you are a beginner and want to get started watercoloring.

Here's your supply list (in case you wanted to purchase these items): Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolor Set

Watercolor Paint Brushes (any small size will work) 

Watercolor paper

Circle Template or compass

2B Pencils


Jar of Water and paper towels


Today, we will start with a simple watercolor kit (the one above or one you already have), watercolor paper, a couple of brushes, pencils, and a circle template (or compass).



Once you have all your supplies together, start by drawing circles on your watercolor paper. They can be random or in a straight line. I did mine in a straight line.


Once you have your circles drawn, dip your paint brush in the water and then into the paint. You will want your brush to be wet so that you can pick up the paint. Now paint your circles anyway you like to get you used to the paint and the consistency. Play and have fun with this. You can also mix a couple of colors and see how they look together. And don't be afraid of making a mess with your paints. That is the fun of it. I painted each circle a different color using all of my colors and tried to clean the brush in my water after each one. (Sometimes paint can get left in the paint brush).


See how I didn't stay in the lines. I just played with the colors to see what they can do. Now you've done your first study in watercolors. You could do a simple painting of one or more circles with this technique.

Once you are done with your painting be sure to clean your brushes in your sink and then let them air dry.

Please ask any questions below that you have and share your circles with me on instagram (or twitter, facebook, ect.) or here. I would LOVE to see them! Tag them #butterflyandbloomclass

Come back here next week for more on watercoloring.

Have a beautiful day. Kathryn