Watercolor Tuesday

blueanemone31blueflower4 copy Happy Tuesday.

Today I am going to go over painting an anemone flower or any kind of flower that you would like to paint. This would be a great gift for your Mom for Mother's Day! Start out by finding a photo of a flower that you like. You can use one that you have taken as I did or find one online. I am using a photo of an anemone that I took on a walk recently. I love to go on walks in the mornings and take photos of the beautiful flowers that I see. You could draw a daisy or a rose or any other flower.

Start out by sketching the flower in pencil. You can simplify the flower by just doing it's outlines.

blueflower1 copy

Once I had the flower sketched and I was happy with it I outlined the flower in black with my Micron Pen.

blueflower2 copy

Then, start painting each petal one at a time. You can use any color that you like. I used my favorite Turquoise (Daniel Smith Watercolors).If you are completely new to watercoloring, mix water with your paint. You can vary the intensity or transparency of the color by adding more or less water. Try to vary the petals a little. You may want to let each petal dry before starting on the next one so that the paint doesn't bleed into the next petal. On mine I skipped the petals...painting every other one. And then I let them dry before painting the middle. Once everything was dry I went over the middle one more time with an extra layer of paint, because I didn't get it dark enough.

blueflower3 copy

After the entire piece is dry, you can add detail to it with a black micron or a white art pen or white acrylic or gouache paint. And then you are done! anemonekcole

My supply list is below. I would love to see how your painting turns out. Please share your painting with a link to it in the comment section.

Have a beautiful Day!! Kathryn

Supplies: Phthalo Turquoise Daniel Smith Watercolor 4H Pencil Canson Watercolor Paper Small paint brushes Micron 1 Pen White gouache or Art pen