Watercolor colorchart

colorchart Happy Tuesday! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today is another post about learning to watercolor.

I think a great way to learn about your set of watercolors and how they mix together is to create a Colorchart. To create this chart you draw a simple grid in pencil anyway you like. For the Winsor & Newton set we used last week there are 14 colors. Therefore the grid would be 15 x 15 (one extra on each side). If you look closely at my photos below you will notice that I only did 13 x 15, but that was a mistake. Oops. And then start painting across and down one line of each individual color in your set. If you have your watercolor paper on a block make sure to leave it on the block, because it will start to curl if you don't. Otherwise you can tape down your paper to your table to help with that. And then start painting the mix of each paints according to your chart. I just start with one color and then put the other color on top of it and mix it. Also, a good tip is get fresh water every once in a while, because your water gets very muddy quickly doing your color chart with all the different colors.

Have fun with this and please let me know how you do with it. I would love to see your pictures!

Have a beautiful day! Kathryn

PS. These watercolor posts will be every Tuesday from now on.

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