Wall Art: Floral Wreath

Happy Monday friends!

Last week I created this piece for my Make Art that Sells class for Wall Art. It is inspired by my many years of working at Flower Shops and the quote by Monet "I must have flowers always and always!" The brief called for creating a collage style piece using specific colors. My colors were green and yellow which were really great colors, but not ones I usually use. I started out by creating the calligraphy and the flowers individually. I created three pages of hand drawn and watercolored yellow and green flowers. I created a total of 40 motifs for this piece. I think that is the most I have ever created for one piece. Then, I edited the flowers in Photoshop so they were ready to be collaged. Once all the flowers and leaves were edited, I approached this as if I were creating a flower arrangement. I layered them and arranged them around the oval piece.

I worked on arranging the oval for a couple of days. It took a lot of arranging and rearranging. Below is a picture I took of my 4 pages of my floral motifs and the background.

I hope you like my piece of Wall Art. Which room in your home would you like to see it in?

Have a beautiful day!