Uppercase Magazine

uppercase2 Happy Monday Friends!

I wanted to share with you the newest Uppercase Magazine! It came a couple of weeks ago. I was very excited to see it, because I had put an advertisement in the Peeps section! And because it was the stationary edition and focused on many beautiful artists as well as came with a couple of samples of Artists work. I was lucky enough to receive Sarah Phelps pretty letterpress calendar and Mirdinara's beautiful postcard!

The cover has a scratch and sniff which I think is wonderful...it smells like cherry! It reminds me of stickers from my childhood. And there are features on Stationary Artists as well as an article about Pop-up books which is fascinating!

There is a lot of great advice in the magazine too. From the do's and don'ts of starting a new stationary business to running a stationary store. It's a must read!

The magazine says that when starting a new stationary company  you don't need to start with a huge line, 24 cards is fine. Yikes. I better get busy. I only have 6 so far. And it says that square cards don't sell well in the US which is very disappointing, because I love my square cards. What do you think?

And I love the advice about having a stationary store which I hope to do someday (again...owning a store that is. I've never had a stationary store...just a bead shop and a gallery)!

If you want to pick up the newest issue, it's available at Anthropologie, many local shops and online. And you should, because as always it's Awesome!

And I was super happy to have my advertisement first! I think it looks great, don't you?

Make Everyday Beautiful!


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