Tribal Collage

Hello friends. I wanted to share with you my second assignment for The Make it in Design Summer School, Advanced Track. The brief asked us to create a Tribal inspired collage surface design. Kathryn_Cole_tribalcollage I was really inspired by this brief because it reminded me of the Mud Cloths that I own from Africa. For 9 years I owned a Bead Shop in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. And every few months or so I would buy beads from a wonderful African man, Abrajim. He traveled the US selling to bead shops in his van with treasures from his country. I loved looking at ALL his beads and had quite a collection in my shop. I still have quite a few. And he also had these beautiful beaded wall hangings and mud cloths. One time he gifted me with a beautiful black and white mud cloth and this inspired me in creating this design.

Photo Aug 20, 1 17 43 PM

I started my design by carving a Speedball Speedy-Cut block. These are fairly easy to cut, but I haven't tried one of these in many years. It was really fun to try it again. (Over the weekend I had picked up some new ink at the Art Supply store and was excited to create something with it.) I thought this was the perfect project to start with because the shapes would be simple. I cut out lines, dots and triangles. I thought I might separate them in the design, but when I saw them together I liked the design.

Then, I decided to hand draw some more elements for the design. In the picture below you can see the block print and my hand drawn elements. Photo Aug 22, 10 01 12 AM

And here is my final design mocked up on a pillow and an iPhone case. All the elements in the design are hand drawn or handcut (and printed) and then digitally colored. The colors were selected from the recommended colors in the brief. AND I finally learned how to mock these up in Photoshop!


Have a Beautiful Day! Kathryn