The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (ABSPD)

KathrynColeSophiasflowerswebshare Hello friends. I wanted to share with you my final collection for my Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design Course. I have been very busy lately sketching and designing it. This collection was inspired by my photo walks with my daughter. We love to go on walks and take pictures of the flowers in bloom. I hope you like it.

The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course was taught by Rachael Taylor. She is an accomplished Surface Pattern Designer. I enjoyed this course tremendously. AND I am proud to say that I am a Graduate of the program! YAY! I recently finished the last Module and am excited about the future. I really love designing and I hope you can see that through my designs. I took all three Modules over the last 9 months and learned so much.  (And connected with so many wonderful creative people)  My next step along this new surface design career is do DESIGN a lot of new work and then get my designs out there into the world!

I think this collection would be beautiful as fabric or wallpaper. What do you think? Please comment below.

Have a beautiful day. Kathryn