The 100 Day Project


I joined the 100 day project with ambitions to hand-letter an inspiring descriptive word everyday. My idea is to create a collection of beautiful words that you could use to as your daily Mantra. I have had this idea in the back of my mind for over a year and decided the 100 day project would be a good time to start it. I am a little behind on the daily project, but still want to create the 100 words. 

Once I am finished with the project I will have them printed on Art prints as a daily reminder to be more with encouraging and positive with yourself. You would pick the words...maybe 10 to be printed on a piece of Art. I believe in trying to be more positive with ourselves. So far I have only 10 words created, but would love for you to follow along on Instagram. You could give me ideas of more empowering words that you would like me to letter. 

Please comment here or over on instagram. I always love hearing from you!

Have a beautiful day,