New logo


bandblogo Yesterday, I decided that I needed to spruce up my website and add color to my logo (and take a break from my metalsmithing). I spent most of the week at my workbench filling orders and then getting them in the mail. Once these were done I wanted to paint. So I decided to work on a couple of new things including my logo that needed work. I felt that it needed to pop more. My old one was pretty, but it did not have any color to it. It was a hand drawn flower. I have been loving blues and aquas this week so that is what I used here. I painted the flower first and then added the lettering. I think it turned out nice. What do you think? The other flowers I may use as embellishments on my website other places.

Also, below is a sneak peak of another piece. I'll tell you more about it next week. I focused on BLUES all this week.

This morning I am headed out on a field trip with the little butterfly and her class. It should be a wonderful adventure with lots of first graders.

Have a beautiful day friends!