Make Art that Sells, Part A

Kathryn Cole Vintage Kitchen

Hello friends. I wanted to share with you that I am taking Make Art that Sells again this year. If you aren't familiar with it, it is a course created by Lilla Rogers, one of the world's top Illustration Agents. She has an international studio of so many wonderfully talented artists! I am taking this course again, because I want to grow as an artist, illustrator, and surface designer. Each week the course focuses on a different market and last week was BOLT FABRIC (my favorite)!

This is my first piece for the course and I am so happy with it! It was inspired by Root Vegetables and Vintage Pyrex dishes. Each individual motif was hand drawn and then watercolored or digitally colored. 

When creating the piece, I did some research online and found a beautiful picture of turquoise pyrex dishes and that inspired me to keep it in the greens and turquoises. For the vegetables I decided to go to the grocery store and buy some! I had a lot of fun studying and sketching them! I even cut some of them open and printed them with ink to see what the print would look like. I know you probably can't see it in these photos, but there is some texture in the black background with the radish prints. My daughter helped me with this process and we had so much fun. 

Kathryn Cole, Vintage Kitchen Repeat

Below is my radish print pattern recolored in the colors of my design to add to the collection. At the time the assignment was due (last Sunday), this was not finished. So I made time to finish it today. 


Have a beautiful day!


PS. Be sure to stop by every week to see my assignments. This week is Home Decor which I love also!