Make an arrangement for Mom

flowerarr1Good morning friends!

Yesterday I decided to pick some roses from the pretty rose bush near my house. And while I was getting ready to put it them in a vase, I thought that the roses were so beautiful laying on the counter. I should take some pictures and make a little tutorial on how to arrange them in a vase for you for Mother's Day (or any special day). It's very easy to do. And you could adapt it to any flowers that you have and any vase that you have. It's important to tape the vase for flowers that have short stems like these roses. Otherwise, they would just sit in the water. And taping the vase helps you to arrange them.

Here it goes. You need: A vase Tape (Floral or Washi tape will work) Flowers

I'd love to see your arrangements. Share them in the comments with a link or on my facebook page, or on instagram and tag it #bandbinspired!

Have a Beautiful Weekend with your Mom!