Jennifer Nelson Advice for Artists
Kathryn Cole thank you

Hello friends. I wanted to share with you a great opportunity for artists to get feedback on their work, advice about something you are working on, or a contract you are negotiating. Jennifer Nelson is offering Advice for Artists which is an amazing opportunity to have an Art agent review your work and portfolio or get one-on-one consulting. 

I found out about this service she offers through Instagram! Yay instagram! I happened upon one of her posts (you can follow her here) and immediately went to her site and contacted her through the contact form. I heard back from her quite quickly and after a couple of emails we set up an appointment for this last Friday.

We met via Skype on Friday morning and have to admit I was a little nervous. Jennifer is warm and immediately put me at ease. It was a wonderful confidence boosting experience. She gave me so much great advice on my portfolio and social media outlets and I am already working on the ideas that she had for me. I loved talking with her and hope to meet her in person someday soon. 

Thank you Jennifer!!

Happy Designing!

Have a beautiful day,