I'm taking Lilla Rogers:Make Art that Sells

LILLAROGERSLast week I embarked on an exciting learning experience. I signed up and started Lilla Rogers:Make Art that Sells class. If you are not familiar with Lilla Rogers. She is a fabulous teacher and Art representative for many Artists that I admire their work (Lisa Congdon, Suzy Ultman, and Rachel Taylor to name a few). She represents 38 artists internationally and has been in business for over 23 years. Being an illustrator herself, she understands the creative process and how to nurture the artist.berries

After completing the first week of the class I am so excited about the possibilities.

My goal for the class is to learn as much I can! And create Beautiful Art! I hope to grow as an Artist and learn as much as I can about the different markets (bolt fabric, home decor, children's picture books,wall art, and gifts). I hope to take each weekly assignment and create pieces that I am proud of and to add to my portfolio.

Last week our focus was Bolt Fabric! The assignment was Casseroles and Berries. I really love designing fabric. I mostly tend to love to design florals so this was new for me. I had a hard time deciding if I should do something watercolored or something hand drawn and then colored in illustrator. In the end I decided to watercolor my pieces.


I am so excited about this course. If you had asked me over a year ago, would I like to go back to school? My answer would have been YES! I had thought a lot about finding a new path, but didn't know what it was. I think I have found it!

Check back here for each weeks progress and process!

Have a Beautiful Day!