Suzani inspired Home Decor

Happy Saturday friends! Last week in my class Make Art that Sells, I created designs for plates inspired by Suzanis. It was my first time to be introduced to the Suzani design and now I am in love with them. Suzani's are textiles that embroidered and decorative made in TajikistanUzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.  A lot of Suzani designs are floral which is my favorite! I had noticed them in designs over the last couple of years and always loved them. Now that I know where the designs originate, I am excited to do more! To create my designs that you see above, I hand drew my florals and then digitally colored them. Below are some of my sketches. 


After I turned in my design for the course, I played with my design some more and created a pattern. I love it. I can see it in fabric or for stationery. What can you see it on?