Flower arranging 101

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Hello friends.

I thought it would be fun to share with you a little flower arranging. Adding flowers to my home is my favorite way to brighten it up. You can create your own pretty arrangement for a centerpiece for a special dinner party or for a holiday (maybe this weekend for Easter?)

First, you need a pretty assortment of flowers. I went to the local flower shop for mine. I usually try to get three-four different colors...I love pinks, purples, whites, and yellows. flower arrangement2 And then you need a container or a vase. I decided to use one of my containers that I already had. At first I was going to use a larger container (pictured above), but I wasn't sure if I had enough flowers for it so I changed to the smaller one, but forgot to take a picture of it with the floral foam in it.

Once you decide on a container, add the floral foam to it by cutting it to fit the container. You want it to stick up above the container approximately an inch (as shown). flower arrangement3 Then, add your greens and some filler flowers if you have them. It is good to clean up the base of the stem by taking off the leaves and flowers before you add the flowers to your arrangement. If you are using a vase, you will want to clean up the part that you are putting in the water. If you are using a container, you can clean up an inch or more of the stem.

After I add the fillers I usually decide on my focal flower also. Here, I used the pretty pink gerber daisy, one of my favorites! flower arrangement4

Then, start filling in with pretty little flowers. It works best to alternate colors and height.

flower arrangement5 If you don't have a lot of flowers, just one simple pretty flowers looks great in a vase too. Happy Arranging!

Have a Beautiful Day!



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