uppercase151Happy Tuesday and Happy Summer!

I'm sorry that I have missed the Tuesday posts for a few weeks. The end of school (for my daughter) and finishing up my two classes, Make Art that Sells with Lilla Rogers and The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design with Rachael Taylor and the assignments for those classes have kept me quite busy. But now both are over and I hope to continue posts on watercoloring and supplies on Tuesdays.

Today, I thought we could talk about paints and paint palettes. What is your favorite color and do you have a go to color that you love to use? For me I love Turquoise and lots of greens as you can see in my paint palette above. I keep my paints in my tray ready to use. I clean it occasionally, but not too often. With watercolors, you can let them dry and then get them wet when you are ready to use them. I keep my large tray covered and probably should keep my smaller trays covered too, but don't.

I also love my Opera Pink watercolor. Below are pictured some of my favorites.paints

Here you can see my large paint palette. I don't clean it very much. I keep adding paints on top of it to get unique combinations. Isn't is a wonderful mess of beautiful colors? I would love to see yours!