Calligraphy:Listen to your inner voice

Flower and Calligraphy by Kathryn Recently, I took a calligraphy class through Skillshare (an online class) with Molly Jacques. I was drawn to her work, because it is beautiful and elegant. You can see her work here (click on the link). Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to letter. I see My Little Butterfly (my daughter) creating beautiful letters and words already at 7 and it makes me smile. I took a calligraphy class many, many years ago, but I don't remember much from it. So, when I happened upon her class on skillshare, my inner voice urged me to take the class. Although, I didn't feel like I had the time to take it, I am so very thankful I did. I am really enjoying Molly's calligraphy class and try to practice a little each day. It's very meditative to practice the lines of the letters. At first, I started the class with all the old supplies I could find around my house (in my Art supply stash). But last week, I finally ordered the supplies Molly recommends and they arrived the other day. I love ART supplies, don't you? It was exciting to get the box in the mail. Once I opened the box, I couldn't wait to get started with my new supplies. I feel like the new nibs and ink made such a difference. I feel like my letters are looking pretty. What do you think? And I especially love writing with Gouache. I painted this flower in a blue Gouache and then did the calligraphy in white.

Somedays, I just can't wait to pick up my pen and practice. My friends will be getting lots of letters with their addresses done in calligraphy. I hope they don't mind. I don't think they will, do you?

If you are interested in taking Molly's skillshare class, you can sign up here. If you use the link I gave you, you can take it for $10.00 off. It's a great deal! And if you do decide to take the class, let me know. I would love to see your calligraphy! calligraphy31 calligraphy41DSC_0147