Back from the beach

Starfish inspired by our time at the beach, by Kathryn, Butterfly + Bloom Hello friends!

We spent some time at the beach over the last two weeks and it was healing for me and the little one. We miss the beach terribly since we are living away from it. She asks to move back most everyday. She misses her friends and going to the beach. I miss it too.

We spent many days and evenings at the beach soaking up the sun and the salt air. We put our toes in the water and felt a rush of happiness as the waves crashed on our ankles. We searched for our favorite twisty shells and found a few! We visited many of our favorite friends (a couple we didn't get to see, because they were out of town)! And we talked with our friends for hours trying to catch up on our lives. There didn't seem like enough time, but we made the best of it.

Happy at the beach! (Kathryn, Butterfly + Bloom)

We had a wonderful time and came home inspired by the beach and the treasures we found there, but the little one said she wishes we could've stayed four months instead of two weeks. I do too.

What is your favorite place to go? Do you live near it? Or do you have to travel far to get to it?

I would love to hear from you!

Have a Beautiful Day!


Shells at the beach by Kathryn, Butterfly + Bloom

Sunset by Kathryn, Butterfly + Bloom